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We’ve seen how Utsumi’s twins have caused many problems for our characters, but another person has given us problems. Enomoto seems to have some relationship to Satoru before he began suffering from amnesia, but who is Enomoto? And who is Satoru?

The Hidden Exchange

If Satoru enters the Third Area on the 7th day, he will find the man in sunglasses and call him “Enomoto”. This man doesn’t like that at all. At the end of the scene, another copy of our protagonist enters the room and we discover the truth:

The man with blond hair is the real Enomoto Naoya.
The man wearing sunglasses is the real Yukidoh Satoru.

If you clear the game and unlock everything, the gallery will clarify this too. This means that the body we’ve been controlling this whole time is Enomoto’s, not Satoru’s.

album_enomoto album_satoru

Mayuzumi tells us that in the last unforgettable scene of Remember 11, saying:

You’re…not Satoru…
You’re not…the Yukidoh Satoru I knew…

She’s not misunderstanding or being stubborn. The Satoru she knew is the man with sunglasses.

In some endings, our protagonist goes crazy and is taken to a mental hospital where the staff call him “Enomoto Naoya”. That’s no misunderstanding either. We are controlling Enomoto’s body.

So when did they switch bodies? Well, we know that Blondie’s body fell off the tower, but in the prologue it refers to itself as Satoru. That means they must have exchanged personalities after July 18, 2011 and before going to SPHIA in January 11, 2012.


Before going any further, I have to get into Japanese pronouns. If you played the English translation, you may have noticed the letter “I” oddly formatted in a few places. In some places, it was colored. It may have also been italicized.

In Japanese, there are many ways to refer to yourself, and they can be formal, informal, masculine or feminine. Figuring out who uses which pronoun helps us identify who is speaking. To do that, we’ve got this table of pronouns:

Japanese Romaji English Speaker
[ore] I (original)
I (Gestalt)
Yukidoh Satoru before falling from the tower
The man in sunglasses in the Third Area
オレ [ORE] I Satoru after falling from the tower
[atashi] I Fuyukawa Kokoro
ワタシ [WATASHI] I (original)
I (Gestalt)
Unknown, on the 2nd day of Kokoro’s chapter
(gender neutral)
[watashi] I (original)
I (Gestalt)
Enomoto Naoya on the 4th day of Satoru’s chapter
The blonde man in the Third Area

This is how the characters tell which personality is currently in control. You may have wondered how Yomogi and Utsumi can tell who you are after a single sentence, and it’s because they know Kokoro uses the feminine “atashi” while Satoru uses the masculine “ore”.

What you’ll notice is that there are two people who refer to themselves as “ore”, and they both identify as Satoru. The only difference is that the first is written using kanji, the traditional method of writing Japanese. The other is writing in katakana, which is usually reserved for loan-words and foreign names. Here I’ve capitalized ORE to show that it is unnatural, and will treat it as a separate personality than the lower case “ore”.

In TIPS 93 it says [ORE] is [ORE] but not [ore]. In other words, the person who uses [ORE] and the person who uses [ore] are different. The Satoru in the prologue is a different person than the Satoru in the main story.

To avoid confusion, I will refer to the character’s as follows:
The real Yukidoh Satoru: Yukidoh/Sunglasses
The real Enomoto Naoya: Enomoto/Blondie
Our protagonist: “Satoru”/[ORE]


Let’s pinpoint when [ORE] took over Blondie’s body. This is the description after falling from the clock tower:

And the next moment――
Before [ore] noticed, [ore] was dancing in the air.
Released from all restraints….
Time stops, the snowstorm stops, and [ore] am swallowed by the pure-white world.
The particles of light dance around me.
The sound of the bell still reverberates in the air.
As if it was reciting… the beginning of a solemn ritual….
Divinely, gently, ever so softly….
[ore] start to dissolve within the light.
All my senses are disappearing. My vision is gone.
As if it were being slowly peeled away, my consciousness departs me.
A deep sleep [ore] came to know long ago….
My existence… [ORE]… am now… here….

The pronouns changed at the end. That’s the moment when the real Yukidoh leaves Blondie’s body, and [ORE]’s consciousness enters.


So who is [ORE]? We know that he’s got a memory impairment, and he seems to remember some things but not others. If he’s not actually Satoru, then perhaps his memories are transplanted. [ORE] hypothesizes this on the second day and Yukidoh confirms it in the Third Area. TIP 054 (memory transplant) says:

Can I assume that this limited knowledge composed only of ACE was all that was available to this person?
And that, therefore, it was for this reason that this person couldn’t put any other memories inside me?
It might be that I’m only able to know what this person knows, and if this person doesn’t know something, neither can I.
My memory and this person’s memory are the same.

To piece together [ORE]’s identity, let’s look at what he remembers. He knows:

  • Satoru’s name and age
  • The current date
  • Where he is
  • The layout of SPHIA and its inhabitants
  • Inubushi’s past
  • The accident on Mount Akakura and the survivors
  • The fact that he was in a relationship with Mayuzumi
  • His dislike for pumpkins
  • That he dislikes pumpkins
  • That he doesn’t like wearing watches on his wrists

On the other hand, he doesn’t remember:

  • Anything before January 11th
  • His childhood or even his parents
  • Why he climbed the clock tower
  • Why anybody is at SPHIA
  • How he started or ended his relationship with Mayuzumi
  • That Yuni is in SPHIA despite them working together to send him back to January 2011

In essence, [ORE] only knows things that we learned from Kokoro’s route. He knows nothing more or less than what is revealed on our first playthrough. So whose memories were transplanted into [ORE]?

To answer that, we must answer the following question:

Where is SELF?

(Continued in the next post)

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