Yukidoh Sayaka

Why does Satoru hate SELF so much? Why go through so much effort to trap and “kill” a powerful god-like entity?

The answer is tied to Sayaka, Satoru’s younger sister. Satoru believes that SELF murdered Sayaka, but who is she? Have we even seen her?

A Brief Meeting

Remember the girl in the prologue?

She was never mentioned again in-game, but her biography appears as the Final TIP (Yukidoh Sayaka):

Satoru’s younger sister and fraternal twin

Died 11 years prior to 2012. Diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder).

Yukidoh Sayaka is Satoru’s beloved sister. A person who is no longer in this world,
she only appears in a flashback…. Her death is the reason Satoru ends up designing and executing the current “project.”

This means that “――-chan” she mentions is “onii-chan/older brother”, referring to Satoru.

But wait, how did we kill her? We barely even saw her.

The Death of Sayaka

I will assume that Sayaka’s death is not a physical death, but a personality death. The reason for that is that there is strong evidence that Sayaka = Inubushi, so her body must have survived. We’ll go into two theories about how this happened.

Theory 1 – Overwritten by SELF

Recall that SELF can create personalities out of nothing, and that it overwrote Yukidoh’s personality with [ORE], causing his “amnesia”.

But how did the player kill her? We made no choices that might affect her. Well, consider this. Before we see Sayaka, we were told about Inubushi and her killing spree. The first time you saw Sayaka, what did you think? I bet it was something along the lines of:

This girl is afraid of herself? She thinks she’s going to kill someone? Hey, she looks a lot like Inubushi Keiko, doesn’t she? This must be her during childhood.

That misconception caused the will of the player to change the world. Sayaka experienced personality death, and she was overwritten by Inubushi Keiko, the cold-blooded killer.

Theory 2 – “Killed” by Satoru

The chronology and premium interview give another interpretation: Satoru was controlled by something and he “killed” his sister with his own hands.

2001, Unknown date:

The very “existence” of Sayaka is lost forever.
Satoru acknowledges that he himself is partly responsible for her “death”. However, this is merely the surface.

With the first interpretation, it’s a bit difficult to explain why he feels partly responsible. Maybe he feels that he didn’t do enough to help her. But the creators revealed their intention in an interview:

Uchikoshi: Initially, there were plans to include a scene where Satoru would kill his sister Sayaka because of the player’s choice.

Nakazawa: Although we didn’t show such a direct depiction, we hope you can see that if you read between the lines. Since he has such a cute younger sister, it’s difficult to imagine it. So Satoru himself doesn’t understand “why did I have to take her life?” With that thought, he came to the conclusion that “I was being manipulated by ‘something’ at that time”. That “something” is “That Guy”. From there, the Yukidoh Plan is devised to take revenge. At first glance, it seems to be ridiculous, but that’s the reality. “Something was wrong, even now I don’t know why I did such a thing”. This is one interpretation of “why I acted strangely at the time”.

It could be that Satoru injures Sayaka physically, perhaps by pushing her causing her to sustain a traumatic head injury. She’s not physically dead, but the damange causes her to “became a different person”. He blames himself for changing his sister’s personality.

Alternatively, he could have hurt her emotionally. He could have said something like “you’re not my real sister!”, and that statement drives Sayaka to madness.

In either case, this theory says that Satoru killed his sister with his own hands, and he personally experienced SELF’s ability to subjugate the human mind.

The Birth of Keiko

The message to take from this is “Inubushi Keiko is controlling Yukidoh Sayaka’s body”. Can we confirm this?

Inubushi and Sayaka share the same bloodtype (AB), which can’t be faked. Their hair color is the same. And we have reason to believe that the “Keiko” personality is not a natural one.

On the 3rd day, Satoru thinks the following about Inubushi.

I still can’t bring myself to hate Hotori.
Even if she’s a mass murderer, I can’t abandon her.
Because… I can’t really put it into words, but… I somehow feel the shadow of a very similar existence within the girl called Hotori.

There are two ways to look at this statement. As Satoru, Keiko is similar to him in that she is his twin sister. As [ORE], Keiko could be similar to him in that they’re both created when SELF overwrote the main personality residing in their host bodies.

And of course, Inubushi muttered this after the hospital incident:

Where is SELF?

This could be a direct link to SELF and [ORE], or simply Sayaka wondering where her true identity exists.

Furthermore, Inubushi and Sayaka have the same voice actress (Akane Tomonaga).

As a last point, consider this graphic found in the Remember11 Visual Fanbook:

Falsification of Name and Bio

There are a few points that seem to contradict the connection between Sayaka and Keiko. For example, the biographies in the TIPS say that Inubushi was born April 30th, 1991 while Sayaka was born February 22nd, 1990. That’s a full year difference. And how did her name change?

Consider that there is a certain Business Enterprise (TIP 080) in the world of Remember 11. Aside from being a medical and pharmaceutical company, it also invests in recreational facilities, biological weapon development, long-range missile development and quantum-based technologies. It is said that “much of their medical research is conducted using inhumane practices”, and they have strong ties with many governments. Such an organization can easily fake a birth certificate.

The chronology confirms that Sayaka was in their care:

1998, Unknown date:

Sayaka is transferred to Leiblich Pharmaceuticals’ research facility.

This is the same organization that Satoru works at, and that’s where he developed the space-time transfer device.

The personalities of “Inubushi”

Over time, Sayaka develops 11 distinct personalities. They are as follows:

Name Description Source
Alice Young girl that searches for her brother and is a victim of abuse Drama CD 4
Baby An actual infant Day After Day
Childhood 6 year old boy who is quick to cry In-game
Darkness Melancholy young man with self-harming tendencies In-game
Empty Complete lack of will Day After Day
Frau Seductress in her late 20s In-game
Gaily Happy young girl who is always laughing Day After Day
Hummingbird Calm, shy 19 year old woman that enjoys listening to music In-game
Intelligence Smart older man in his 50s Day After Day
Jack 19 year old woman with sadistic and destructive urges In-game
Keiko 19 year old woman who is described mysteriously In-game

However, by the end of the game we can’t see a distinct separation personalities. Perhaps they have merged back into one being, into a single “self”…

Bootstrap Paradox?

If we go with Theory 1, we have to ask “how did SELF turn Sayaka into Keiko if we first had to see Keiko in the future? Isn’t that a bootstrap paradox?”

Remember that SELF is a zero-dimensional creature. It is not bound to the rules of time in their universe, and it experiences past, present and future simultaneously. There are other ways to resolve the bootstrap, but we’ll address that in another post. If you believe Theory 1, for now it’s best to accept that SELF is timeless and the game is a stable time loop, so our rules of causality may be partially broken by this timeless being.


SELF caused Sayaka’s personality to die, either by overwriting it with the murderous personality of Inubushi Keiko or by manipulating Satoru into damaging her psyche. This event prompted the real Satoru to lure SELF into the world and to take revenge on it. The details of this plan are outlined in the next post.

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