The Unified SELF

In a previous post, we saw that SELF is a zero-dimensional entity that can manipulate humans. What does it even meant to be zero-dimensional? Here we’ll dive deeper.

One World Concept


A concept mentioned briefly in one of the promotional clips (YouTube) is “Unus Mundus”, meaning “one world”.

To quote wikipedia, it is “the concept of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns.” This is another Jungian concept that appears many times in the story, but subtly.

I’ll start with the conclusion and work backwards. Everything is born from SELF and returns to SELF when it dies. SELF is the entire world of Remember11.


Birth from Nothing

Every creature was non-existent before its birth. SELF is nothing (zero dimensional), meaning all life emerges from SELF. Moreover, there is a strong connection between babies and zero-dimensionality.

1) The OP says everything is born from nothing:

Once, life was born from nothingness.
The one who holds everything. The one who is everything and nothing. The Trinity. Neither a god nor a demon.

2) TIP 098 says that a mother’s womb hides the deepest darkness:

【Great mother】
The one who brought forth everything and envelops all, bringing them up. That side of her has made her an object of worship, held inseparably close, until she is transfigured and simultaneously becomes the maternal body which carries “the deepest darkness.”

3) SELF is likened to a fetus many times.

  • TIP 098 tells us that SELF means “quickening” (ie. the movements of a fetus).
  • The scene with the “red room” is titled “O Great Sephirot, Our Master”, referring to the unborn child in Utsumi’s Womb. TIP 099 says: In this case, “Master” means God – that is, a zero-dimensional being.
  • Since a fetus has no concept of boundaries, it is a being that can be considered “zero-dimensional”. And since a baby has no identity, it mirrors the role of SELF in the story.


Return to Nothing

Whenever people die, they often explicitly become zero-dimensional or return to nothingness.

1) When Satoru experiences the bad ends in the cabin on days 4 and 5, he is reduced to a single point:

My existence had been reduced to a single point.
An existence of the 0th dimension…. Nothingness….

2) After being killed in the Third Area, Satoru returns to nothingness.

Has this world gone mad after all?
Did it ever exist to begin with?
I… where in the world…
“W h e r e . . . a m I . . . ?”
And then my consciousness returned to nothingness.

3) When Satoru drowns, he experiences everything and nothing at once.

In the darkness….
My existence….
…fuses, is pulverized, scatters, and falls to lie thick over all….
Soon I filled the world.
Transforming into small particles to cover my surroundings.
I was blank, like thin air, no more substantial than a heat haze.
I knew an instant in eternity, and an eternity in an instant.
Fact and fiction jumbled together in chaos…. Illusions and reality….
And finally, zero…. A space containing nothing….
Where the three overlapped, my consciousness settled, and finally vanished.

4) When Kokoro experiences a bad end and dies, she is swallowed by the nothingness:

I felt it.
Behind me was the shadow of the existence that had beckoned us into this situation.
Kokoro「In the evening… lit by the dawn…」
It had neither volume nor mass.
――A point.
A hollow nothingness.
Kokoro「Who’s that… behi――ind you?」
And then, the nothingness swallowed me.


The Unified World

It isn’t just life and death that are linked to SELF. The entire world is SELF. In the premium interview, Nakazawa tells us that “the world of Remember11 is the psychological experience of a single entity”:

Nakazawa: Roughly speaking, beneath a person’s consciousness is the collective unconscious which contains all archetypes like the anima, animus, and so on. Within each person, these archetypes are integrated into the person’s self… If we extend this interpretation from a single human to the world itself, does that mean that there is an entity that controls every human being…? In the story, “SELF” was born from this idea. The reason why each character represented an archetype is because they are all under the control of “SELF”. In other words, you can think of the world Remember11 as the psychological experience of a single entity.

Self-Discovery and Archetypes

The entire universe and all the personalities that exist in it are part of SELF. This include Utsumi, Yomogi, Yuni, Mayuzumi, not just the artificial personalities of [ORE] and Inubushi Keiko.

If you’ve ever wondered why some personalities don’t seem to develop much, it’s because they each embrace a single Jungian archetype:

Twin FetusesPrimordial Child / Miracle ChildPotential to do and become anything. A “god-child”
JunichiEternal BoyHighly creative and imaginative, but acts immaturely
YomogiWise Old ManA fatherly symbol of wisdom
UtsumiGreat MotherA motherly symbol of love and affection
MayuzumiPersonaThe mask we wear in front of others
YuniTricksterSomeone with intellect or hidden knowledge, and uses it to play tricks and act unconventionally
InubushiShadowThe flaws and dark side of ourselves that we try to repress
SELFSelfThe unified personality of the entire person. A single whole that encompasses the entire range of mental phenomena.

SELF is exploring itself, discovering itself by clashing the different aspects of its personality. In the story, it has no identity and is just like a baby. It has the potential to become any person or do anything, but is blissfully unaware of its own existence.

Inubushi Keiko

If you think about it, Inubushi is very much like SELF in this regard. The reports say she houses many distinct personalities, and her personalities act separately. However, Inubushi acts like a single entity in SPHIA. Her memories are continuous and although she has mood swings, she’s always in control. In that case, where did the separate personalities go?

It seems like all her personalities have merged together to create a single identity. This mirrors what is happening with SELF.

What am I?

There is one final question posed in the promotional clip:


What is consciousness?
What am I?

While the pronoun used (私) implies it could be Kokoro, Enomoto, Utsumi, Mayuzumi, it is likely something else entirely. The person asking these questions is SELF, questioning its own existence.


And finally, a bit of trivia from the premium interview:

Uchikoshi: So we thought to make the character names match their archetypes. That was a tradition carried from Ever17 and gave their names meaning.

Nakazawa: Kokoro (心: heart) symbolizes the anima, or feminine emotions. Satoru (悟: perceive, understand) represents the animus, or masculine reasoning. Mayuzumi (黛: eyebrow pencil) is a cosmetic that beautifies the eyebrows. She represents the persona, or the appearance that we show to others. Kali represents the dual nature mothers, showing affection and restraint. She is named after the Hindu goddess. Seiji sounds like “sage”, meaning a wise man. At first, Hotori’s archetype was the trickster, and we planned to give her a major supporting role. But it didn’t fit well, so we gave that role to Yuni. She was originally named “Hotori Kusuda”. It sounds like “torikusuta”… trickster… (laugh).


All the characters and the world of Remember11 are a part of SELF. The characters are the embodiment of different archetypes and their interactions help SELF discover aspects of its own identity.

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