Drama CD

The Remember11 Drama CD was released in May 19, 2004, two months after the PS2 release of Remember11. It consists of 5 tracks which consist of the characters in the cabin recalling events that happened before the game.

Important: If you would like to help transcribe or translate the audio, please contact me. Spoken Japanese in not my area of expertise.



Introduction: —Remains—

It’s already been 4 days since the plane crash. Fuel and food have started to run out and the shelter cabin is beginning to fill with the scent of death. Everyone hugs their knees and doesn’t speak. Each person’s mind is recalling the choices they made to reach this point. Do they see regret, or do they see hope?

(Sound of the wind howling)

The blizzard… continues… As if trying to swallow us small humans, the snows blows endlessly… While listening to the sound of the blizzard, I think. If the Grim Reaper were to emit its voice, it would surely sound like this.(Howling grows louder, then abruptly stops.)

(“Dreamy lens- piano” plays)

Kokoro: Remember11 Drama CD: Remains

(Song ends. The wind blowing softer, the fire starts crackling.)

(thinking) Several days have passed since we started life in this mountain cabin. We barely have any fuel or rations left. These are remarkably harsh times, especially considering how many of us there are.

Mayuzumi: (shivers) Hey, it’s too cold in here! Make the fire hotter!
Yomogi: All you do is complain. How many times do I have to tell you? There’s no more wood.
Yuni: Nice job, Tonbi. Your memory sucks, huh?
Mayuzumi: Shut up, you damn brat!
Kokoro: Please stop fighting.
Yomogi: She’s right. You’ll just waste stamina.
Mayuzumi: Hmph.
Kokoro: *sigh*

Kokoro: (thinking) We only talk occasionally… it’s a very harsh situation. Incidentally, I can’t even remember the last time we had an enjoyable conversation. As I embrace my shivering knees, I remember various things. They say before you die, your life flashes before your eyes… I wonder if it’s the same as that? If that’s so… then I don’t like it… I wonder… if the others are remembering things just like me now?

(The wind continues. End track.)

Episode 1: —Rebirth—

Around November 2010.
Yomogi visited his wife who was being held in a mental hospital. Because her beloved son was killed, her heart was shattered. Looking out the window, Kali absentmindedly sings “Kagome kagome”. Yomogi was familiar with this haggard state since Kali was like this when he first met here.

2000 A.D.
Yomogi, who was a novice mountain climber, managed to raise funds to tackle Mount Everest alone. Yomogi wanted to enter Nepal through India. While walking on foot, he encountered a scene where a young lady was being assaulted by a backpacker. That was his first encounter with Kali.

No translation currently available.The story starts with Utsumi who is still in a catatonic state after Junichi’s death. She sings the Kagome song absentmindedly with the sounds of paper (or cloth) ripping. Yomogi then recalls how he met Utsumi when she was younger.

Yomogi was a young climber who came to India on his way to climb the Himalayas. He complains about the unfamiliar heat and the environment, but hears the scream of a girl.

Turning his head, he sees a girl running and asking for help in Japanese. A Japanese backpacker appears in front of Yomogi and the traveler appears embarrassed. Yomogi realizes what is happening by looking at the girl’s appearance and the man’s attitude.

Yomogi starts arguing with the man and eventually bumps into him. The man pulls out a knife and tries to attack Yomogi, who manages to knock him down with one punch after injured. The backpacker runs away and the girl worries about Yomogi’s wounds.

Yomogi asks if she’s okay, but she bursts into tears. He then says “I don’t know what happened, but forget it all…” The girl is a 14-year old Utsumi Kali, who is half-Indian and half-Japanese.

Yomogi decides to stay in India since she doesn’t have a guardian. He decides to take care of her until he can find another guardian for her. She becomes closer to him and playfully says “I want to have a child with Yomogi.” He’s embarrassed, but she was only joking. At that time, neither of them knew what was about to happen.

On a rainy day, Yomogi finds a devastated Utsumi crying. She discovered that there was a child growing within her. Yomogi realizes that the Japanese backpacker had actually raped her just before she met Yomogi.

Yomogi suggests that they both live in Japan together, and Yomogi would raise the child as if it was his own. That child was Junichi, who they believed was a god-given gift with meaning.

After returning, his family and acquaintances criticize him heavily since they believe he impregnated a young girl, but he hid the truth from them. Two years later when she became 16, the two of them got married.

Yomogi had lived happily with Junichi until he was murdered. After that, Utsumi became hysteric and was hospitalized. The sound of tearing paper (or cloth from the bed) is heard, and Utsumi sings the Kagome song.

Yomogi finds it painful to see her in her current state and walks over to her. “Why did Junichi have to die?” It’s because of Inubushi Keiko. Despite being a sturdy man, even Yomogi is having a hard time dealing with it. Utsumi begins calming down and rests her head on Yomogi’s chest, listening to his heart.

Episode 2: —Regret—

[Japanese Transcript]

Spring 2008.
Mayuzumi, who was a student at Kyumeikan University, was hated by people around her because of her personality. She became fed up with the child-like harassment. Since she likes high places, she was always looking at the sky alone if something unpleasant happened. Satoru appears there. This is the rooftop where they first met, being treated like a weirdo.

(“Heuristic” plays)

Episode 2: Regret

(Music stops)
(Fire cackling, wind howling)

Mayuzumi: (Thinking) Why did this happen? I just wanted to see Satoru. I want to meet Satoru. Hey… hug me like old times. Please.(Wind fades out)
(“Peur Aeternus” plays)

Mayuzumi: (Thinking) I was fond of high places, so I often climbed the roof of the university building.
I was always looking at the street alone there.
That’s where I went to forget all the unpleasant things that happened.
And when I was there, I met him.(Sound of wind, footsteps walking)

Satoru: Yo, Mayuzumi.
Mayuzumi: How many times do I have to tell you? The thing I hate second most in the world is being addressed without honorifics by an unfamiliar person.
Satoru: Does that mean I’m an unfamiliar person? I guess so. Well, Mayuzumi-san.
Mayuzumi: What is it?

Satoru: Are you committing suicide today?
Mayuzumi: Wh-what kind of comment is that?!
Satoru: What’s that? But you became upset when I said some kind words to you recently, didn’t you?
Mayuzumi: Isn’t it obvious? I don’t want you to be kind to me.
Satoru: Hmm. Then what should I do?
Mayuzumi: I don’t know.
Satoru: I don’t understand what she-

Mayuzumi: It’s fine if you don’t understand. What business do you have here?
Satoru: Heh, I don’t have any. I happened to come up here and you were here. That’s it. So don’t get worked up over it.
Mayuzumi: You always act coldly, don’t you?
Satoru: That’s my nature. I don’t have any other choice but to act this way.
Mayuzumi: Hmm? What does that mean?
Satoru: Nothing in particular.

Mayuzumi: How pretentious. Hmm… It’s hard to understand your true intentions.
Satoru: It goes both ways.
Mayuzumi: Ah, me? I’m hard to understand?
Satoru: Yes.
Mayuzumi: What are you talking about?
Satoru: There’s something you don’t want me to hear, right?
Mayuzumi: Huh?
Satoru: If my eyes aren’t mistaken, you seem to be rather troubled.
Mayuzumi: That’s not true! You just have bad eyesight.
Satoru: Is that so?

(Music stops, sound of wind)

Satoru: I guess I’m overthinking it. Oh well.

(Wind stops)

Mayuzumi: So, is that it?
Satoru: Huh?
Mayuzumi: Why did you stop?
Satoru: Because I keep overthinking things, right?
Mayuzumi: True.
Satoru: Well, that’s enough of a reason.
Mayuzumi: Right, but..

(“Great Mother” plays)

Satoru: Heh. It’s not like I won’t listen if you just tell me what’s wrong.
Satoru: I’m sure the women in the seminar group are interfering with a certain someone’s essay.
Mayuzumi: How do you know that?
Satoru: You can figure it out if you analyze the situation calmly.
Satoru: A certain somebody has created many enemies because of their unpleasant behavior, right?
Mayuzumi: That’s rather blunt.
Satoru: I’m only stating facts. Besides, I understand people who are similar to myself.
Mayuzumi: You think I’m like you?!
Satoru: Oh? I wasn’t talking about you, I’m talking about myself.

(Silence. Footsteps as someone walks, then stops.)

Satoru: Well, it doesn’t matter if I’m alone in the seminar. I wont let the progress on the essay slow down because of that.
Mayuzumi: Hm. Hmmmm. Don’t you think it’s bullshit? It’s dumb to be harassed as a college student.
Satoru: Heh, of course. I’ll just have to make an even better essay than them.
Mayuzumi: Huh?
Satoru: That’s the best way to damage them mentally and physically, and to crush them completely.
Mayuzumi: Are you actually serious?
Satoru: Of course I’m serious.
Mayuzumi: Hahaha!
Satoru: What is it?
Mayuzumi: You really have changed.
Satoru: Is that so?

(Music stops, wind blows)

Mayuzumi: Speaking of which…
Satoru: Hmm?

(“All or None” plays)

Mayuzumi: This is where you and I first met.
Satoru: That’s right.
Mayuzumi: You suddenly appeared and stared at me. At first I thought you were a pervert.
Satoru: That’s cruel.
Mayuzumi: Heh. Do you remember what you told me then?
Satoru: “You’d better have the resolution to jump. If you hesitate then you won’t have a clean death.”
Mayuzumi: Mhmm.
Satoru: At that time, you had a face that was ready to die.
Mayuzumi: In those cases you can usually hold back.
Satoru: But… committing suicide is a very difficult thing, isn’t it?
Satoru: Even if you live, the anticipation is like suffering in hell. Stopping a suicide is like saying that you should live while continuing to suffer. I have no right to compel a complete stranger to do that.
Mayuzumi: You’re still cold, aren’t you?
Satoru: Is that so?
Mayuzumi: Normally you’d ask “what the hell happened?”
Satoru: You’re not going to answer that, are you?
Mayuzumi: That’s right.

(Silence. Wind blows)

Satoru: By the way…
Mayuzumi: That’s it?!
Satoru: Huh?
Mayuzumi: Why don’t you dig deeper into it?
Satoru: Because you don’t want to answer, do you?


Mayuzumi: Alright, I’ll answer.
Satoru: Hmm?
Mayuzumi: I’m telling you I’ll answer.
Satoru: So you want to talk?
Mayuzumi: (Raising voice) I-it’s not like that!
Satoru: Look, you’re getting mad again. That’s why nobody talks to you.
Mayuzumi: You’re horrible!
Satoru: *sigh* Oh my. You… that is something you frantically do. You should open up more.


Mayuzumi: But… It’s not good to be vulnerable.
Satoru: Hm?
Mayuzumi: My father.
Satoru: Your father?
Mayuzumi: My father is old. He says I should get married quickly and go home.
Satoru: Hmm.
Mayuzumi: My mother was a career woman long ago, but now she’s not like anymore. She is confined to the house.
Mayuzumi: I’m being looked down on. “A woman”, they say.
Satoru: Because of that you wanted to change how they look at you?
Mayuzumi: It’s like having your existence completely denied, isn’t it? So I decided I’d never be inferior to anyone.
Satoru: So you started studying law…
Mayuzumi: Of course, having qualifications will be my main weapon. I also got a dietitian license and studied financial planning so nobody would look down on me.
Satoru: That’s amazing.
Mayuzumi: And it turned out to be a waste of time in the end.

Mayuzumi: Heh, isn’t it stupid? You can’t lose to anyone if there’s nobody around you.
Satoru: Well, it definitely is stupid.
Mayuzumi: *annoyed* Hold on…
Satoru: But it can’t be helped.
Mayuzumi: Yeah.
Satoru: If you choose to live that way, you should go with it.
Satoru: Why are you looking at me like that?
Mayuzumi: Is that all?
Satoru: Huh?
Mayuzumi: *sigh* Why you.
Satoru: Wh-what is it?
Mayuzumi: Can’t you say something more in times like this? I guess it can’t be helped…
Satoru: Oh… I see… Hm… Hmmmmm…


Satoru: It’s useless! I can’t think of anything.
Mayuzumi: Huh? Heh, you’re the worst.
Satoru: Haha, it goes both ways.
Both: Hahahaha.

(Music stops)

Mayuzumi: Yeah, I feel a little better now.
Satoru: That’s good to hear.

(“Dreamy lens” plays)

Mayuzumi: Listen, you have to go out with me.
Satoru: *confused* Pardon?
Mayuzumi: Don’t make me say it again.
Satoru: Huh?!
Mayuzumi: What, you don’t want to?
Satoru: I don’t want to!
Mayuzumi: It’s because you’re a surprisingly nice guy.
Satoru: I said I don’t want to.
Mayuzumi: This is an order.
Satoru: Or…der?

Mayuzumi: Right. Rather, it’s your duty. Article 100 of the Japanese Constitution, first paragraph: Yukidoh Satoru bears the obligation to respect and support Mayuzumi Lin.
Satoru: Whoa, slow down.
Mayuzumi: Article 100 of the Japanese Constitution, second paragraph: Yukidoh Satoru bears the obligation of executing Mayuzumi Lin’s every order.
Satoru: Not a chance.
Mayuzumi: Article 100 of the Japanese Constitution, third paragraph: Yukidoh Satoru has no right to deny the words of Mayuzumi Lin.
Satoru: That’s not going out, that’s called being your slave.
Mayuzumi: Isn’t it fine? Do what you’re told.
Satoru: Oh no, my next class is starting soon!
Mayuzumi: If you won’t go out with me, I’ll jump off right now.
Satoru: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Mayuzumi: Hahahaha.

(Wind blows)

Mayuzumi: By the way, you’re wrong.
Satoru: Huh?
Mayuzumi: The reason why I was worrying today wasn’t because of the seminar.
Satoru: Is that so?
Mayuzumi: There’s someone I like, so how do I confess to them? That’s what it was.

(Music fades out)
(Sound of fire crackling and wind howling)

Mayuzumi: Satoru, I will definitely survive. I will live. Once again… Just one more time. It’s so I can… meet Satoru.

(End Track)

Episode 3: —Replay—

Yuni remembers the girl from one year ago while hugging TB, his friend and precious teddy bear. Another one of his friends, WR, is still in his pockets which he got from the girl.

One year ago.
Yuni was in a hospital with no idea why he was there. He met a terrified girl called “Alice” who was looking for her older brother.

(“Heuristic” plays)

Yuni: Remember11 Drama CD: Episode 3: Replay

(Music ends)
(Sound of crackling fire and the wind)

Yuni: (thinking) I’m a really weak person. That’s why I rely on TB. If TB wasn’t here, I’d definitely be lost. TB is my friend. He makes me feel at ease. Incidentally, TB isn’t my only friend. In my pocket, I’ve got WR as well. WR is the friend of my friend. I got it from that person. I met the person who gave me WR about a year ago.

(Sound fades out. A clock is heard ticking)

Yuni: (thinking) One year ago, I was in the hospital. I was there before I knew it. At that time, I didn’t have TB or WR, so I was all alone. I don’t know exactly what I was feeling at that time, but it was probably fear. I was in an unknown place with unknown people, so I was scared. I was really scared. And then, that girl appeared before me.

(Clock stops ticking. Someone knocks on a door.)

Yuni: …! Wh-Who is it?

(“Chaining” plays)

Girl: *crying* Open it! Open it up!
Yuni: Who are you?
Girl: *crying* I’m scared! I don’t want to be alone!
Yuni: …?

(The girl knocks on the door again.)

Girl: Onii-chan, don’t leave me alone!

(Knocks again while crying)

Girl: Open it up, Onii-chan!
Yuni: I’m not your brother.

(The girl cries again. The sound of a chain is heard.)

Yuni: …?

(The door is unlocked. The girl runs in, and jumps onto Yuni)

Girl: Onii-chan!
Yuni: …!? Uwaah!
Girl: *crying* Onii-chan, Onii-chan, Onii-chan! I finally found you! I was scared!
Yuni: H-Hold on!
Girl: *crying* Huh?
Yuni: Come on, look at my face closely.
Girl: …Huh?
Yuni: I’m not your brother, right?
Girl: …Yeah…
Yuni: If you know that, could you let me go? You’re heavy…
Girl: Ah…

(The girl gets off of Yuni. Music ends)

Girl: Where’s… Onii-chan?
Yuni: I don’t know.

(“All or None- Piano” starts playing.)

Girl: *tearfully* I’m… all alone…
Yuni: I’m alone too.
Girl: Really…?
Yuni: Yeah…

(The girl starts crying again.)

Yuni: I want to cry too, you know! … You look young. How old are you?
Girl: *crying* Ten…
Yuni: Really?! You’re younger than me? You sure don’t look like it… What’s your name?

(Girl cries louder.)

Yuni: Ah, sorry. Before asking your name, I should introduce myself, right? That’s a rule! I’m Yuni Kusuda! I was born on October 19th, 1999, and I’m a Libra! My blood type’s AB+.

(The girl continues to cry, but it’s quieter than before)

Yuni: …And you?
Girl: *cries*
Yuni: Hey, I can’t understand you if you’re crying.
Girl: *crying* I’m sorry…
Yuni: I’m not mad. I just want to hear your name.
Girl: …My name?


Yuni: What’s wrong?
Girl: My name… my name… my name… (sounds more desperate)
Yuni: Are you all right?
Girl: No! No! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Forgive me! I don’t know!
Yuni: Hey, calm down!
Girl: *crying* No! Onii-chan! Onii-chan! Help Alice!
Yuni: It’s all right! It’s all right!
Girl: *crying* I’m sorry, I’m sorry!
Yuni: …

Yuni: (thinking) That girl was very frightened. She apologized countless times, saying “I’m sorry”, over and over. Because of that situation, I desperately tried to calm her down, and before I knew it, I had forgotten my own terror.

(The girl cries a bit more, then stops. Music stops.)

Yuni: Have you calmed down?
Girl: Y-Yeah… I’m sorry…
Yuni: Stop that.
Girl: Huh?
Yuni: Stop saying “I’m sorry,” from now onwards.
Girl: Okay… I’m sorry. Ah!
Yuni: Eheheh.
Girl: …
Yuni: Your name’s “Alice”, right?
Alice: Ah! How did you know?
Yuni: Hee hee! I have an amazing power!
Alice: “Power”?
Yuni: Yeah! I can read your mind! It’s amazing, huh?

Yuni: (thinking) What a cheap lie! I knew because you said “Alice” yourself earlier!

Alice: That’s amazing! But you know, that’s not my real name.
Yuni: What’s your real name?
Alice: …I don’t know. I heard the doctors saying something like that, so…
Yuni: I see…
Alice: Ah, but Onii-chan might know my real name! Hey, where’s Onii-chan?
Yuni: …Don’t ask me. Did you get separated from him?
Alice: Yeah… I’ve been looking for him all this time, but I can’t find him at all…
Yuni: I see…
Alice: *starts crying again* I want to see Onii-chan…
Yuni: Mmm… U-Um, where did you get separated from him?
Alice: …I don’t know.
Yuni: Is he somewhere in this hospital?
Alice: I don’t know.
Yuni: Does he know you’ve been hospitalized here?
Alice: …I don’t know!
Yuni: …Then is your brother hospitalized here?
Alice: I don’t know!
Yuni: …
Alice: …I don’t know anything! I was searching for Onii-chan, and before I knew it, I was here!
Yuni: H-Hey, cheer up! In times like this, just remember fun things!

(“All or None” plays)

Alice: Fun things…?
Yuni: Let’s see… tell me about times when you were playing with your brother!
Alice: About Onii-chan? … Onii-chan is very kind, and is always protecting me!
Yuni: Wow, he sounds reliable!
Alice: Onii-chan’s my only ally!
Yuni: “Only”?
Alice: Umm… Dad and Mom always hit me…
Yuni: Huh?
Alice: I don’t know why they hit me, and no matter how many times I apologize, they don’t stop. It’s very scary… It hurts… I’m always crying… But you know what?! At times like that, Onii-chan always pats me on the head!
Yuni: I see…
Alice: Onii-chan is very kind! And to make sure I’m not lonely, I always bring friends!
Yuni: Friends?
Alice: Yeah! Umm…

(Rustles around her pocket)

Alice: H-Huh? That’s strange… Even though I put it in my pocket…
Yuni: You keep your friends in your pocket?
Alice: Yeah… it’s a bunny keychain.
Yuni: I see. When Alice was in Wonderland, she followed a white rabbit.
Alice: …It’s gone…
Yuni: Did you lose it?
Alice: …What do I do? It was a precious friend that I received from Onii-chan!
Yuni: …
Alice: *starts crying again* What do I do?
Yuni: Maybe you dropped it somewhere?
Alice: *crying* I don’t know…
Yuni: …Then let’s search together!
Alice: Huh?
Yuni: “Let’s have an adventure pursue the white rabbit into Wonderland!” Something like that.
Alice: Really?
Yuni: It’s an important friend, isn’t it?
Alice: Yeah…
Yuni: And if we can’t find the white rabbit, I’ll always be there for you when you cry.
Alice: …I’m sorry.
Yuni: I told you to stop saying that.
Alice: Yeah… I’m sorry…
Yuni: Mmm… well, whatever. Well then, let’s go!
Alice: Yeah!

(Door opens.)
(“Delusive consciousness” plays)

Yuni: (thinking) The hospital was silent. I couldn’t feel anyone else’s prescence, so it was very scary. But Alice was shaking all over, so I told myself I couldn’t be scared. I wasn’t as good as Alice’s brother, but I did my best to keep my emotions in check.

(Sound of footsteps)

Yuni: (thinking) And so I grasped Alice’s hand. When I did that, I felt courage welling up within me. We looked here and there in that hospital with no one in it.

Alice: …My bunny… we can’t find it…
Yuni: Mmm…
Alice: I’ve lost not only Onii-chan, but my bunny as well… *crying* I don’t want that…
Yuni: It’s all right! I’ll definitely find it!
Alice: *crying* … But…
Yuni: I have an amazing power! Didn’t I tell you earlier?
Alice: Huh?
Yuni: I can find anything!
Alice: …Really?
Yuni: Yeah. So it’ll be all right!
Alice: …Yuni-chan… thank you…
Yuni: Thank me when we find the rabbit.
Alice: Yeah…

(Music ends. The footsteps continue)

Yuni: (thinking) Despite everything I told Alice, to be honest, I had no confidence in finding the rabbit. We continued to search here and there, but we couldn’t find the rabbit. And then… we came across that room.

(Door opens)

Alice: Ah…
Yuni: What’s wrong?

(“Self” plays)

Alice: I’ve… seen this room before…
Yuni: Huh? Really?
Alice: Yeah.
Yuni: Then, could this be your room?
Alice: …I don’t know… I don’t know, but I’ve seen it before.
Yuni: Then your rabbit might be in here!

(The footsteps grow faster)

Alice: Bunny! Where are you!
Yuni: Hey! Rabbit! Come out!

(The two search the room)

Alice: Bunny! Come out! Please!
Yuni: Rabiiiiiiiiiiit… Hmm?

(Yuni seems to be looking through a box. Music stops.)

Alice: Ah!

(The sound of a keychain.)

Yuni: I found the rabbit keychain!
Alice: Really?!
Yuni: Look!

(Holds the keychain out)
(“Dreamy Lens – Piano” plays)

: *crying* I’m so glad… Yuni-chan, thank you!
Yuni: With this, you don’t need to cry anymore.
Alice: Yeah! But…
Yuni: What is it this time? You want to go search for your brother?
Alice: No, that’s not it. Well, yes, but… that’s not what I mean.
Yuni: Then what is it?
Alice: I have Bunny as a friend, but… you’ll be all alone, Yuni-chan…
Yuni: Huh…?
Alice: Yuni-chan, you should have a friend like Bunny…
Yuni: …I-I’ll be fine. I don’t cry as easily as you do, Alice.
Alice: Oh, I know! I’ll give you Bunny!
Yuni: Are you sure…?
Alice: Yeah!
Yuni: But without the white rabbit, won’t Alice cry again?
Alice: Umm, I’ll be fine!
Yuni: Why?
Alice: Because, I’ve made a new friend- you, Yuni!
Yuni: …
Alice: So I’m not lonely anymore! Besides, I want you to be friends with Bunny!
Yuni: …
Alice: You don’t want to?
Yuni: …
Alice: …So you don’t want to, huh? I’m sorry…
Yuni: That’s not it!
Alice: …Really?
Yuni: Yeah! I want to be friends with the white rabbit as well!
Alice: …I’m so glad! Then I’ll give it to you!

(Hands Yuni the keychain)

Yuni: Thank you, Alice.
Alice: Hey, Yuni-chan?
Yuni: What?
Alice: If I cry again, will you help me?
Yuni: …Of course!
Alice: Do you have an amazing power to help people?
Yuni: Of course!
Alice: Then will you hold my hand tightly?
Yuni: Of course.
Alice: Thank you, Yuni-chan! I love you!
Yuni: Huh? Wha- U-Uwaah!
Alice: One day, you, me, and Onii-chan will play together!
Yuni: Yeah!

(Music ends. Clock is heard ticking again.)

Yuni: (thinking) I made that vow at that time. I wished that girl good luck, and she did the same to me. After that, the two of us, completely tired, fell asleep in the same bed. Holding on to that rabbit keychain gave me mysterious courage. I was honestly able to think “Things will get better from now on.”

(Clock continues to tick)

Alice: Kagome, kagome… The bird within the cage…
Yuni: …Goodnight, Alice.


[Japanese Transcript]

Yuni: Hey Kokoron?
Kokoro: What is it?
Yuni: It’s cold. Can I sit with you?
Kokoro: Yeah, come here.
Yuni: Pardon my intrusion!

(sound of blankets rustling)

Kokoro: Hey Yuni, you’re always quiet. What were you thinking about? Did something come to mind?
Yuni: Yes, something from long ago.
Kokoro: What was it? What was it? Tell me.
Yuni: That’s… a secret!
Kokoro: Heh, stingy! You know you can tell me anything.
Yuni: What about you, Kokoron? Did you remember something?
Kokoro: I did, but I’m not telling you. Hehehe, this is revenge.
Yuni: It’s not like I wanted to know anyway.
Kokoro: Hehehe, I’m a little hurt.
Yuni: (laughs)

(wind blows)

Yuni: It’s strange. Even though we’re in an extreme situation like this, I’m reminiscing about a lot of things.
Kokoro: Yeah, different memories come to mind. It’s like flipping through the pages of an album. It’s a bit sad to think that if we die, all of those memories will be lost.
Yuni: After that, only newspaper and the cold history written in it will be left.
Kokoro: I don’t like the thought of that.
Kokoro: (Thinking) I don’t want to die.

Kokoro: Hey Yuni. Let’s absolutely survive.
Yuni: Yeah.
Kokoro: Not just Yuni.
Kokoro: We’ll definitely… we’ll all definitely leave from here alive, Yomogi-san, Mayuzumi-san.
Yomogi: What happened so suddenly?
Mayuzumi: I’ve already decided that whatever happens, I’ll return alive.
Yomogi: That’s good to hear. I will undoubtedly get us back alive. We won’t leave anyone behind.
Kokoro: Let’s all do our best, everyone!
Yuni: Yeaaah!
Yomogi: That’s right!
Mayuzumi: Heh.

The blizzard continues… As if trying to swallow us small humans, the snows blows endlessly, but my heart begins to warm up like a raging fire. If you’re coming Grim Reaper, then come. I will not give up, I won’t even think of giving up.


Translation: GundamAce (Episode 3: Replay)
Translation: Ganesh (Conclusion)



“Alice” is likely one of Sayaka’s/Inubushi’s alters, since she admits that’s not her real name and the doctors call her a different name. Yuni comments that she doesn’t look like she’s 10, implying she’s much older. She also parallels Sayaka in many ways. Sayaka “died” at the age of 10, she is looking for her older brother alone in a hospital, and she has bad memories about her parents. On top of that, she is voiced by Tomonaga Akane, the same voice actress for Inubushi Keiko and Yukidoh Sayaka.


The events of this episode take place when Yuni is 11 years old, confirmed by him saying the 10-year old Alice is younger than him. This event likely happened when Yuni first arrived in SPHIA after the plane crash.


The white rabbit was a gift from her “onii-chan”. This implies Satoru used to visit Sayaka in the hospital until he was overtaken by his work.


Alice says “One day, you, me, and Onii-chan will play together!” This moment of “play” happens in the basement when the babies stab Satoru’s original body to death while Yuni watches from behind the shelves.


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