The True Self

Discovery Okay, so SELF is an otherworldly being that can control humans. Great, but how did Satoru come to discover it? The chronology says he became acquainted with the idea of a Transcendental Will in 2006 and he considers it to be the true culprit behind Sayaka's murder. Up until that point, SELF's only interaction … Continue reading The True Self


MAGES.’s special interview with ex-KID employees

On 2020/08/20, MAGES had an interview with staff that had been part of KID, the company that created Remember11. Ichikawa Hisayoshi (producer), Shibata Tarou (director of Memories Off and Never7), and Abo Takeshi (composer) talked about all the games they'd worked on. When they reached Remember11, they initially started talking about music before switching gears. … Continue reading MAGES.’s special interview with ex-KID employees


Sekijukansei The phrase 赤受咸青 or "red accepts blue entirely" refers to Kokoro (red) and Satoru (blue). The existence of Kokoro is necessary for Satoru to exist as he does. By adding the heart/Kokoro (心) radical to each kanji, the phrase becomes 恋愛感情 or "romantic feelings/love and emotion". A bit forced given the nature of the … Continue reading Symbolism