Remember11 EXPLAINED

Warning: This page contains end-game spoilers for Remember11.

If you’ve recently finished Remember 11: The Age of Infinity, you may have been unsatisfied with the way it ended. Do the remaining mysteries even have solutions? We’ll analyze the clues left by the game and hopefully arrive at a satisfying conclusion.

1. Before Starting

2. Analysis

Note: It is highly recommend to follow the articles in the order they’re presented. The ordering was intentionally done this way to make explanations easier to follow.


2.1 Exchange Phenomenon

2.2 Hidden Backstory

2.3 The Truth of SELF

2.4 More Analysis

3. Resources

This section contains supplementary material and extra resources.


Main Game:


Drama CDs:


4. See Also

Want more mystery VNs? Check out The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass.

11 thoughts on “Remember11 EXPLAINED

  1. The invite link for the Discord server has expired, would it be possible to get a valid link? Or is the Rokumei City server not active anymore?


  2. This is great. Thank you so much for this. I feel while as a product Remember 11 might have been seen negatively due to its lack of explanations and sense, it succeeded in the message it wished to convey. My initial upset has now turned into admiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a comprehensive and well-structured compendium you have put together, fantastic job! I had at least as much fun reading through your analysis and the resources as with the game.


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