Lingering Personalities

Enomoto tells us that the personalities of Kokoro and Satoru are tied to Mount Akakura and Aosagi Island, respectively. Why is it that the personalities of Kokoro-Satoru-Alpha and Hotori-Inubushi-Omega are tied to one location and everyone else moves during the transfers? While we can theorize about the reason, there is no conclusive answer. In any case, this article outlines some likely scenarios.

Theory 1: Lacking a Sense of Self

  1. People that lack a sense of self swap. This includes people with DID or are simply unconscious at the time.
  2. After a swap pair is established, that pair persists in later cycles

At the time of the crash, Kokoro and Hotori are unconscious and are transferred into foreign bodies. From that moment on, they likely feel that “this body isn’t mine” and have a feeling of dissociation. Inubushi’s DID makes it so she doesn’t have a sense of self, and “Satoru” believes he has amnesia but is actually a fake personality. Needless to say, the babies are lacking both consciousness and a feeling of identity.

This may explain why DMT and MAOI were stored in the basement. Perhaps Satoru was going to consume them to give him a sense of dissociation to allow the swaps to happen. However, he fell from the clock tower before he had a chance. Enomoto’s body is also resistant to tranquilizers, which may be due to Satoru and Enomoto knocking themselves out to test swaps.

This theory gives no explanation for why the pairs were created as they are. They could have been random or thematically opposite. Considering the Jungian archetypes, we have a pair that represents femininity and masculinity (Kokoro & Satoru), and a pair that represents youthful innocence and corruption (Hotori & Inubushi).

Theory 2: Youngest Bodies Theory

  1. The people with the youngest bodies swap,
  2. Unless the body exists in another circle (eg. Yuni and Utsumi)
  3. For some unknown reason, Hotori swaps with Keiko rather than Enomoto’s body. Reason might include:
    • Sayaka’s body jumped a year into the future, so she’s physically younger than Enomoto
    • Keiko’s birthday is a year younger than Sayaka’s, so she’s actually a year younger
    • Self did it, lol


The nice thing about this theory is that it gives a reason for Satoru and Enomoto to swap bodies. Since Satoru is physically older that Enomoto, he is not qualified to swap, so he borrows the younger body. Given that Enomoto doesn’t like chaos and prefers to monitor the equipment, this works out for the both of them.

It’s likely that Satoru is unaware of Hotori swapping, so this creates a situation in which Lin is actually swapping. In the worst case, he might sacrifice his body to save Lin. However, having Lin swap would likely reveal the plan much more quickly to Self.

Theory 3: Youngest Minds Theory

  1. The people with the youngest minds swap,
  2. Unless the mind exists in another circle (eg. Yuni and Utsumi)


  • [ORE] is as old as the real Satoru since it was created in his image
  • Enomoto stood in the Hotarubi 2011 circle so his mind could not transfer in the SPHIA 2012 circle. Maybe this was done to monitor Utsumi


Personally I like this theory better as it resolves the issue with the Sakaya/Inubushi’s body. Having Enomoto monitor Utsumi also fits in the plan since all the other locations have someone monitoring them.

Like the previous theory, this suffers from the issue of having Lin swap if Satoru is not aware of Hotori’s existence. However, we can resolve this with one last assumption. If Sayaka/Inubushi was held in the Hotarubi 2011 circle, then that means Satoru intended for her personality to not swap in SPHIA 2012. However, by 2012 Inubushi’s personalities have begun to merge into a single entity and may count as a new personality altogether.

Theory 4: Twin Theory

  1. Same-type twins swap (older twins with older twins, younger twins with younger twins)
  2. Once a swap has occurred, minds that have swapped won’t swap back out of their borrowed bodies unless the one they originally swapped with is in one of the other circles
  3. [ORE] acts as a wildcard and can swap despite this
Older Twin Younger Twin
Satoru Sayaka/Inubushi
Enomoto ???
Kokoro ???
??? Hotori
Fetus 1 (Alpha) Fetus 2 (Omega)


Condition 2 makes it Enomoto is locked into Satoru’s body in 2012 SPHIA. If Enomoto swapped with Satoru, he would be unable to switch to another body unless Satoru was in another one of the circles during a transfer.

This theory makes a few assumptions. First, there are 3 unseen twins in the game. This is possible and we just haven’t had enough backstory. They might have been revealed later, just like how Sayaka was revealed at the very end. Second, it has issues with Satoru somehow knowing [ORE] can swap regardless of the rules, unless Yuni told him.


Maybe some of these are right, maybe none are. In any case, I encourage you to give it a little thought and see what you can come up with.


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