Day After Day Drama Series

Day After Day is a set of audio scenarios recorded on CD, similar to like the Drama CD. This series deals with the events after the Awazumi Hospital incident and the events just before the prologue.

The drama is split across the 6 volumes of the Prophecy Collection, which started to be released on April 21, 2004, just one month after the PS2 release of Remember11. Each volume of the collection was based around a character and contained one part of the Day After Day drama, various arrangements of the character’s BGM, a lyrical song based on the character and a special message from the voice actor.

Episodes 1-3 are told from the perspective of Yomogi, while episodes 4-6 are told from the perspective of Utsumi. It deals with the events just before the prologue.

Important: The following is translated from Japanese to Korean to English (Source: Naturally many things are lost in translation. If you can translate spoken Japanese or written Korean, I would love to get corrections. Please contact me if you’d like to help.

Episode 1: The Beginning and the End


[No direct translation currently available.]

The story begins two years ago in the winter, on a grueling night in Awazumi Hospital. A small shadow sneaks into the hospital in the middle of the night, and an old song is faintly heard.

Kagome, kagome…
The bird within the cage..
When oh when will you come out?
In the evening lit by the dawn…
The crane and the turtle slipped and fell…
Who’s that behind you?

What follows is screaming. Shrieking. Yelling.

An alarm sounds and a boy awakes in chaos. A beautiful girl appears in front of the boy, but he soon realizes that she’s out of place. The boy screams, and the blade from half a pair of scissors moves towards him… The girl removes the boy’s heart. While it is still beating, she throws it against the wall with all her strength.

The police arrive 30 minutes later and see a scene straight from hell. The officers look for the killer and found a girl on the roof of the hospital. The girl is quietly singing in the dark.

Kagome, kagome…
The bird within the cage..
When oh when will you come out?
In the evening lit by the dawn…
The crane and the turtle slipped and fell…
Who’s that behind you?

When she was arrested, she asked one question.

Where is Self?

The boy the was killed was just an elementary school student. Yomogi Junichi.

On the HAL18 flight, Yomogi Seiji hears someone singing the Kagome song. The voice reminds him of his own son’s voice. He looks up and sees a boy and young woman and overhears their conversation and learns their names.

There is some commotion in the nearby seat, causing him to shift his attention. The stewardess had spilled a beverage and a woman began loudly complaining. Yomogi tries to intervene and Mayuzumi becomes more unruly.

The aircraft enters turbulence and becomes unsteady. Mayuzumi continues to raise a fuss. The shaking of the airplane becomes more violent and Yomogi sees a problem in the wing of the aircraft. Rather than panic, the approaching sense of death gives him comfort.

Yomogi: “With this, I can finally reunite with Junichi…”

Episode 2: In the White Darkness


[No direct translation currently available.]

Yomogo recalls why Junichi got hospitalized. They were walking down the street when Junichi’s attention was caught by the mountain bike in the bike shop. Yomogi says that his son’s bike is now small and that he should pick a new one for his birthday. He didn’t know it at the time, but that gift would lead to his son’s death.

The airplane begins shaking violently. People scream and panic. A boy named Yuni shakes anxiously beside a girl named Kokoro. She tells him that deaths caused by airplane crashes are extremely rare and that he shouldn’t worry.

Yomogi focuses his attention on the woman beside him who raised a fuss earlier. He advises her to wear her seat belt, but she doesn’t comply. Eventually Yomogi puts it on for her. Rather than a “thank you”, she complains. Yomogi returns to his seat and notices a part of the airplane’s wing has been torn off, and the shape of the winter mountains appears momentarily.

Yomogi takes his seat and again overhears Kokoro and Yuni. Yuni’s state has become much worse while Kokoro continues reassuring him. At that moment, a roar is heard and gas fills the cabin. A fire ignites and surges.

“Lower your heads!”, someone is heard shouting.

People are in a state of uncontrollable panic. Yomogi doesn’t know whose voice had shouted earlier, or what they meant. Eventually, the airplane crashes.

Yomogi barely regains his consciousness from the sound of he wind. Having narrowly escaped death, he starts looking for other HAL18 survivors in the crash site. In the wreckage, he finds two other women.

One is the loud woman from before, who is now staggering in a stupor. The other is a college student who was with the boy named Yuni. But Yuni was nowhere to be seen. Mayuzumi continues to walk aimlessly.

While thinking about Yuni, Yomogi catches up to her. Mayuzumi suddenly gains a burst of energy and attempts to run away from him. Yomogi calms her down and asks her to cooperate so they could find a safe place and avoid the wind. He takes Kokoro and begins looking for a way to survive.

In the white darkness…

Episode 3: Prayer/Hope


[No direct translation currently available.]

Yomogi finds a part of the airframe that was open from the front and back. He moves everyone into it, but notices a strange smell. It was the smell of burnt flesh of those still stuck in their seats. Yomogi and Mayuzumi are shocked when they realize this. Yomogi describes the scene with one word: “hell“.

This reminds him of an memory he would never forget. The memory of Junichi’s body in the doctor’s office. It was so bad he could no longer recognize his son. The pain and horror of the memory strikes him…

Yomogi is surprised he could even breathe in this foul air. Mayuzumi’s spirit is crushed by the scene in front of her. Yomogi notices that the unconscious girl’s (Kokoro’s) body temperature is dropping dangerously low. Yomogi resolves himself to save them somehow.

He begins searching the luggage and finds clothes. After dressing the women, he uses the remaining luggage and clothing to close the holes in the airframe. When he asks for Mayuzmi’s help, he realizes that she’s missing. He rushs outside into the blizzard to find Mayuzumi.

Mayuzumi walks silently and eventually collapses in the snow. Yomogi finds her and tries to carry her back to the wreckage. However, it’s too difficult to see anything and it’s difficult to take even a single step. He becomes tired and begins to give up, knowing from experience that it is extremely difficult to survive now. He falls in the snowy field and looks forward to reuniting with Junichi.

At that moment, he hears a voice. The voice of his child looking for his father. Yomogi’s spirit is rekindled. The voice continues to speak, saying that his mother will be sad if Yomogi dies. Even if it’s an illusion, Yomogi cannot ignore the voice. The voice tells him there is a cabin nearby. A boy appears in the blizzard who Yomogi recognizes as Yuni. Yuni urges Yomogi to hurry and follow him.

Later on, Yomogi is amazed by how much Yuni resembles Junichi. Yuni sings the same song as that demonic woman, and Yomogi is reminded of Inubushi Keiko…

Kagome, kagome…
The bird within the cage..
When oh when will you come out?
In the evening lit by the dawn…
The crane and the turtle slipped and fell…
Who’s that behind you?

Episode 4: Eternal Boy


(Chatter of people in the background)

Doctor: It looks like you’ve entered the stable period in your pregnancy.
Utsumi: Ah, I see! Doctor, thank you so much!

(“Dreamy lens” plays)

Doctor: Heh. Ah, right. We know what gender your child is now.
Utsumi: Really!?
Doctor: Yep. Do you want to know? Of course, it might be more interesting if you don’t find out yet, wouldn’t it?
Utsumi: (Anxious) Aaah, what should I do!? I really really want to know but I really want to wait for him to come back so we can hear it together and he’s coming back this year too… aaaah, but I really want to know!
Doctor: Hahaha! So what will you do?
Utsumi: Ah… um, er… hm…
Doctor: You’re thinking too hard about it (lit: too troubled). Well then, should we keep it a secret for now?
Utsumi: B-but then, how will I sleep at night?! *gulp* Please tell me.
Doctor: Alright, then. It’s a –
Utsumi: (Anxious) Aaaahh just wait a second just a moment please! I need to get ready! *deep breaths* Alright. Go ahead.
Doctor: It’s a boy! And a girl!
Utsumi: Huh… a boy… and a girl? Does that mean… it’s a hermaphrodite?
Doctor: No, not at all. Inside you, is a pair of twins.
Utsumi: Eeehhh!? Really!?
Doctor: Oh, really? I thought you’d be happy to hear that.
Utsumi: That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that! Is it really twins?
Doctor: Yeah, a boy and a girl. Fraternal twins.
Utsumi: Aaaah, I seee! Junichi… you’ve brought two live into this world at once… Seiji’s going to be so happy when he hears it… Ahh, hurry up and come to me already, won’t you…
Doctor: Please take great care from now on… Have you been taking your medication? (psychiatric medication particularly, presumably an antidepressant)
Utsumi: Of course! This child… no, these children, you’ve helped them so much… I’m so glad I was born a woman! It looks like I can stop taking my medication now…
Doctor: Is that so…
Utsumi: If I can keep on living like this, I’m sure I can be discharged soon!
Doctor: Aha, that’s good to hear.

(Footsteps, then door opens quickly)

Nurse: Utsumi-san!

(“Self” plays)

Utsumi: What’s wrong?
Nurse: I-it’s awful! The television! In the waiting room! Look!
Utsumi: The TV…?
Nurse: The plane! The plane, it…!

(Door sound, footsteps fade away into distance)

Announcer: …for those just tuning in, we just have received reports Haneda Airlines HAL flight 18, flying towards Wakkanai. A total of 31 passengers and crew remain unaccounted for.
Announcer: Aoyagi Keigo, 43, male. Inoue Yuu, 28, female. Kusuda Yuni, 10, male.
Utsumi: No… It can’t be…
Announcer: Fuyukawa Kokoro, 20, female. Mayuzumi Lin, 23, female.

(“Self” stops)

Announcer: Yomogi Seiji. 35. Male.

(“Little Prophet” plays)
Remember11 CD Drama: The Day After Day
Episode 4: Eternal Boy
(“Little Prophet” ends)

(Wind howling)
(“Scheme” plays)

Utsumi: Oh, what’s wrong? Are you hungry?
Utsumi: Oh dear, be a good child now please don’t cry! Ah, here, how about this? BWUUUUUHHHH!

Utsumi: (Thinking) One year ago, I came to this Specified Psychiatric Hospital for Isolation and Aegis here at Aosagi Island, or in short, SPHIA, posing as a psychiatrist, and successfully made my way in.
Utsumi: (Thinking) The reason for that… there was only ever one. All of it, just so I can kill Inubushi Keiko.
Utsumi: (Thinking) My husband is dead, and I have no other reason to live. I’ll kill her on the same day, at the same time as she killed Junichi… the same way she killed Junichi. Brutally and mercilessly. Today is January 11th. Three days until I take my revenge…

Utsumi: Oh dear, not feeling well, are you? Oh, I know, how about I sing you a song? I’ll sing it for you, so please don’t cry…
Utsumi: (Sings Kagome Kagome)
Utsumi: Ahaha…

Utsumi: (Thinking) I don’t know why, but almost everyone left during yesterday’s scheduled personnel transfer for some reason. Because of that, there’s only me and one other staff member having to take care of the patients here. Even then… there’s almost nobody living here at SPHIA right now.
Utsumi: (Thinking) What that means for me, and killing Inubushi Keiko… It’s convenient, definetely, but before I do it… I want to make sure the personality is the murderous one, and only then do I want to kill her. Until then, I must study her hidden personalities and understand her more deeply.

Utsumi: (Finishes singing Kagome Kagome)
Baby: Waaahhh.
Utsumi: Aha… thanks for not crying. Looks like you’re all settled down now…
Baby: (Happy) Wah? wah. wah!

(Door knock)

Utsumi: Yes?

(Door open)
Satoru: Excuse me.
(Door close)
(“Animus” plays)

Satoru: Hey, what are the two of you doing all huddled together like that? Just what is the relationship between you two?
Utsumi: What do you mean the relationship between us?
Satoru: Well, basically, could you explain, in scientific terms… just what you two were doing?
Utsumi: Ahahaha… it’s not scientific at all. Our relationship is that of a doctor and a patient.
Satoru: Well then, why were you embracing her like that? Inubushi Keiko, that is.

Utsumi: It’s because she’s exhibiting Personality B right now.
Satoru: Personality B?
Utsumi: Yeah. Her personality is that of a newborn baby.
Baby: Wah. Waah! Wahahaha.
Satoru: I see… I guess if you look at it that way, she’s an adorable baby girl, isn’t she? Well, except the body.
Utsumi: She’s not a baby girl.
Satoru: Huh?
Utsumi: Personality B is that of a baby boy, not a girl.
Satoru: Ah. Sorry about that. Was he crying just then?
Utsumi: Yeah, but I’ve calmed him down.
Satoru: Huh? I don’t get it.
Utsumi: Heh. Don’t worry about it, I’m a mother. It just comes naturally.
Satoru: Haah. I don’t think I’ll ever understand as long as I’m alive. I’m no good with feeling it out.

Utsumi: Anyway, do you need anything, Yukidoh-kun?
Satoru: I was just about to ask the same thing. Was there anything you needed?
Utsumi: Eh?
Satoru: I mean, we’ve still got a job to do for the rest of the day, but it doesn’t look like you’re letting go anytime soon.
Utsumi: Ah, right.
Satoru: So, if there was anything you needed to do, I’m free to help you out.
Utsumi: Hah, how nice of you.
Satoru: Of course. I’m not a researcher, just staff at a mental ward.
Utsumi: Hah, yeah. Let me think, was there anything else…

(Music stops)
(Personality switch sound effect)

Inubushi: Ah, Yukidoh. I have something to ask you.

(“Paranoia” plays)

Satoru: Eh? Weren’t you supposed to be a baby?
Utsumi: Looks like a personality change…
Inubushi: Won’t you come clean my room already?
Satoru: Huh? Why me?
Inubushi: Because I’m a patient. And you’re staff. I need no other reason.
Utsumi: In that case, I’ll –
Inubushi: I wasn’t talking to you, Utsumi Kali.
Utsumi: !?
Inubushi: Make no mistake, I despise you. Don’t you dare take even a step into my room.
Utsumi: But…
Inubushi: Heh. You just want to kill me, don’t you?
Utsumi: I’d never do such a thing!
Inubushi: Whatever. How long do you intend to keep coddling me for? I’m not a baby. And you. I asked you to clean my room. Well? Get to it, Yukidoh.

(Footsteps moving away. Door opens and shuts.)

Satoru: She’s completely different… which personality is this?
Utsumi: Most likely Personality I – Intelligence. An intellectual old man. Extremely obsessed about tidiness and cleanliness.

(“Cue” plays)

Utsumi: (Thinking) Her other personalities… they do nothing but hate me. Personality I in particular seems to have already noticed that I want to kill her… I have to be careful.
Satoru: I better get to it, then…
Utsumi: Yeah, please do.
Satoru: Good grief…

(Kitchen sounds)

Utsumi: (Thinking) After that, I started preparing lunch. Of course, I didn’t poison it. Until the day of Junichi’s death, I’ll just be a gentle, kind, regular psychiatrist. Making food… for Inubushi Keiko.

Satoru: (Distant) Hey, are you for real?

Utsumi: (Thinking) Even from here, I can hear Yukidoh-kun’s voice. He’s probably still cleaning Inubushi’s room, but I wonder… taking care, I slowly started heading to her room and took a peek inside.

(“Fear and Insanity” plays)

Satoru: Hey, why do I have to make your bed again?
Inubushi: I already told you! I want it made until there’s not a single wrinkle left on the sheets. I won’t be able to sleep otherwise.
Satoru: Could’ve done it by yourself… *shuffling around* Okay, how about now?

(Personality switch sound effect)
(Music stops)

Satoru: Hey, are you listening?
Inubushi: Not quite.
Satoru: There’s no wrinkles left!
Inubushi: Nope. Hey… won’t you come just a little closer?
Satoru: Bwah? If I do that, I’ll ruffle up the bedsheets again. Then all this would go to waste.
Inubushi: That’s okay~
Satoru: Okay, fine… *shuffling around* Happy now?
Inubushi: Mmm… juust perfect~ Heeey, Satoru. How about we do a different type of making~

(“Chaining” plays)

Satoru: Eh? A different type of making? You mean building?
Inubushi: Yep. Like bed-making, but a little different. Hooow about it?
Satoru: Oi.

Utsumi: (Thinking) Inubushi’s lying down on the bed, holding onto Yukidoh-kun…

Inubushi: Heey, Satoru. Do you like it when it hurts? Or do you like it when it feels good?

Utsumi: (Thinking) Personality F – Frau. A perverted young lady.

Satoru: Well, I mean… I don’t really like pain.
Inubushi: Hehe… I’m fine with both ways~

Utsumi: (Thinking) She’s trying to seduce him… staring at Yukidoh-kun with those eyes of hers and sweet-talking him…

Satoru: Oi, oi…
Inubushi: Hey… I have a favor I’d like to ask you.
Satoru: …Huh? What is it?
Inubushi: Won’t you please… help me out?
Inubushi: *laughs until track ends*


Translation: 大丈夫kazちゃん

Episode 5: Love is like Madness


[No direct translation currently available.]

Junichi had a habit of clinging to Utsumi when he had bad dreams. This dream was about his mother. Utsumi was crying, and no matter what he said, his voice wouldn’t reach her. After waking from the dream, Junichi ran to his mother. Utsumi tried to calm the anxious child.

Utsumi: “Junichi, you are the most precious person to me in the whole world. Don’t worry, I won’t disappear.”

Back in Inubushi Keiko’s room, Personality F (Frau) is seducing Satoru.

Inubushi: “Would you like to sleep in the same bed with me?”
Inubushi: “Don’t you want to? It’s good.”
Inubushi: “It feels soooo good.”
Inubushi: “Satoru isn’t a child anymore, right?”

As soon as Satoru reluctantly replies with “ah”, her attitude changes completely.

[TL Note: I’m not sure about the following line.]

Inubushi: “Then wash me ~~”

She starts laughing. Her cute teasing makes Satoru angry. This is Personality G. Gaily.

Utsumi turns around after confirming that Satoru is safe. She thinks about the personality of the murderer. Utsumi waits for Inubushi Keiko to resurface so she can avenge Junichi. She quietly says under her breath:

Utsumi: “Your mother will take care of everything soon.”

A few hours later, the blizzard outside also becomes a thunderstorm. Surprised by the thunder, Utsumi heads to the living room. As the blue light strikes, the image of Satoru falling through the air is engraved into her retina. Utsumi thinks someone pushed Satoru down.

Utsumi thinks the culprit must be Inubushi Keiko.

Utsumi: “If I don’t get rid of the murderous Keiko, I’ll be in danger.”

That thought reassures her and gives her an excuse to justify killing Inubushi. Utsumi starts laughing like a madman, and the sound of thunder overlaps with her laughter. The sound of Inubushi breathing stops the laughter.

The murderous Personality J. Utsumi has a feeling that Jack has surfaced.

Inubushi moves to the living room headed towards Utsumi. While laughing, she speaks to Utsumi.

Inubushi: “Hahaha! Did you see that? Is Satoru dead? Ahahahaha!”

Episode 6: The End and the Beginning


Utsumi + Yomogi: That incident happened during the winter, 2 years ago.(“Self” plays)

Utsumi: It happened in Hokkaido’s municipal hospital.
Utsumi: The patients were sleeping quietly… when the nightmare attacked”

(Footsteps walking in a hallway slowly)

Inubushi: (whispering, singing slowly) “The bird within the cage…”
Inubushi: “When oh when will you come out?
Inubushi: “In the evening lit by the dawn…”

(Music stops suddenly)

Inubushi: “Who’s that behi——ind you?”

(A man is struck and lets out a pained scream)
(“Self” resumes)

Utsumi: Right then, that murderer… stole what I treasured the most.

(Inubushi laughs in the background)

Junichi: “Mother… No… Save me… Mother… MOTHER!”

(Junichi is struck and screams)
(Music stops)

(“Little Prophet” plays)
Remember11 CD Drama: The Day After Day
Episode 6: The End and the Beginning
(“Little Prophet” ends)

(Inubushi is laughing)
(“Dark Gestalt” plays)

Utsumi: In SPHIA’s living room, I’m greeted by Inubushi Keiko.
Utsumi: Or, rather by the murderer residing within her.

Inubushi: “My stomach hurts… hahaha… haha…”
(Inubushi stops laughing)

Utsumi: “You finally show yourself, murderer.”
Inubushi: (Confused) “Huh…? What are you talking about? …I’m not a killer.”
Utsumi: “Right now I’m looking at the murderous personality, am I not?”
Utsumi: “The personality of a sadist!”

Inubushi: “I told you that’s wrong!”
Utsumi: “You pushed Yukidoh-kun down, didn’t you!?”
Inubushi: “There’s no way I could have done that.”
Inubushi: “I was in my room the whole time.”
Inubushi: “I didn’t even climb the clock tower.”

Utsumi: “Then why are you laughing?”
Inubushi: “Because someone just fell from the sky! Isn’t it hilarious!?”
Inubushi: “Hahaha, all the way down, right on ground!”

(Utsumi slaps Inubushi)
Utsumi: (Angry) “Stop laughing!”
Inubushi: “What do you think you’re doing?”
Utsumi: “You did it! Stop lying!”

Inubushi: “What would you do if I actually was a murderer?”
Inubushi: “Would you… kill me? You’d kill me. You certainly want to kill me!”
Inubushi: “You have amazing eyes. Those are the eyes of a murderer!”
Inubushi: “But there’s no way I’d die in a way as lame as getting killed by a murderer!”
Inubushi: “If I had to get killed though, I’d want to be killed by someone who would try to preserve my body.”
Inubushi: “Gently and softly…”
Inubushi: “Hahahahaha!”

Utsumi: “You’re insane…”
Utsumi: “Who are you right now? Weren’t you the murderous personality?”
Inubushi: “My personality has never changed, you know!”
Inubushi: “I am me. From the beginning, I’ve always been me.”
Utsumi: “That’s not possible!”
Inubushi: “Why?”
Utsumi: “You definitely have DID!”

(Music stops)
(“Mantra” plays)

Inubushi: “Even if I’m the one saying it’s not true?”
Utsumi: “You were acquitted because you were diagnosed with DID!”
Inubushi: “I guess that’s how it ended up…”
Utsumi: “Since 2008, DID diagnosis has been done using hypnosis.”
Utsumi: “It’s impossible to lie if you’re hypnotized.”
Inubushi: “Uh-huh.”
Utsumi: “There’s no way you don’t have DID!”

Inubushi: *giggle*
Utsumi: “What’s so funny…?”
Inubushi: “Don’t worry, I just remembered something funny.”
Inubushi: “Ah, they say people who do that (ie. remembering things randomly) are lewd… don’t they?”
Inubushi: “Satoru might not like lewd girls…”
Utsumi: “What did you remember?”
Inubushi: (Fake offense) “Oh, it’s none of your business.”
Utsumi: “Answer me.”
Inubushi: (Playful voice) “Ah, fine. Let me show you something special just this once.”

(Music stops)
Utsumi: “Something special?”

(Personality switch sound effect)
Inubushi: (Serious deep voice) “It’s true that you can’t lie under hypnosis.”
Inubushi: “Even I can’t do that.”
Utsumi: (Surprised) “Huh?”

(“Mantra” resumes)
(Personality switch sound effect)

Inubushi: (Serious but feminine voice) “But you know, the people who perform the test can lie.”
Inubushi: “The doctor who does the diagnosis can lie, too.”
Inubushi: “The police could can lie, too.”
Inubushi: “One of the investigators resembled Satoru quite a bit.”
Utsumi: “Wait… What you’re saying is…”
Utsumi: “You seduced him to falsify the investigation results!?”

(Personality switch sound effect)
Inubushi: “Ehehehe.”
Utsumi: “You don’t have DID!?”
Utsumi: “Inubushi Keiko’s personality is the only one!?”

(Personality switch sound effect)
Inubushi: (Playful) “Hahahaha, sorry, just kidding! There’s no way that would be true!”

(Personality switch sound effect)
Inubushi: (Normal voice) “I have DID.”
Inubushi: “If I didn’t, I would have been executed.”

Utsumi: “What’s the truth? Who are you!? What are you!?”
Inubushi: “Hmmm, who am I? Where am I? Hah… Hahahaha!”
Inubushi: “Oh, don’t you think there is something more important than that?”
Inubushi: “Satoru fell in the snow, so he might still be alive. Is it fine to leave him out there?”
Inubushi: “What about saving him?”

(Footsteps, door opens)

Utsumi: I left to go save Yukidoh-kun.

(Music stops)
(Gusting wind, crunching snow)

Utsumi: “Yukidoh-kun! Are you alright!?”
Satoru: “Aarrgh…”

(Shoveling sound)

Utsumi: If I don’t save Yukidoh-kun…
Utsumi: Inubushi Keiko’s words came to my mind…
Utsumi: I’m not sure if she really has DID or not anymore.

(Heavy footsteps with snow crunching)

Utsumi: “Hang on… Yukidoh-kun…”
Satoru: “Aarrgh…”
(Door opens, wind stops)

(“Cue” plays)

Utsumi: “Here… lay down on the bed.”
Satoru: “Aarrgh…”
Utsumi: “Your bones… don’t look broken.”
Utsumi: “I’ll get the first aid, so…”

Satoru: “…Sorry.”
Utsumi: “Don’t worry about it…”
Utsumi: “Do you have a headache? Nausea?”

Utsumi: I don’t understand Inubushi Keiko…
Utsumi: But… it’s a fact that she killed my own son…!
Utsumi: So on January 14th, the day my son died… I’ll make Inubushi Keiko will pay for her sins, no matter what… with my own two hands.

(Music stops)

Utsumi: However, I didn’t know.
Utsumi: I didn’t know that Yukidoh-kun’s fall from the clock tower was a sign.
Utsumi: That event was the start of seven days of madness.
Utsumi: That’s right… These terrible seven days.

Utsumi: After taking care of Yukidoh-kun’s injuries…

(Sound of boy shaking of fear/cold)

Utsumi: I started hearing the voice of a boy crying.
Utsumi: “Junichi… Junichi, is that you?”

(The boy continues crying)

Utsumi: I can hear a voice. it’s not an illusion!
Utsumi: But why?
Utsumi: There shouldn’t be anyone here but me, Inubushi Keiko and Yukidoh-kun.


Utsumi: Then… as if guided by the mysterious voice, I crossed SPHIA’s living area.
Utsumi: The voice… came from an empty room.
Utsumi: Very cautiously… I pushed the door open.

(“Shadow” plays)
(Door opens)

Yuni: “It’s cold… It’s so cold…”
Utsumi: “That’s impossible!”
Yuni: “Save me… Please save me…”
Utsumi: “Who…? How did you get in here!?”

Yuni: “Yuni… Kusuda Yuni…”
Utsumi: “Kusuda Yuni…!?”
Yuni: “I should be… on flight HAL18.”
Yuni: “But when I regained consciousness…”
Yuni: “Help me…”

Utsumi: “Why…”
Yuni: “It’s cold…”
Utsumi: “You’re not supposed to be… You’re not supposed to be here…!”
Yuni: “What do you mean…? I don’t understand…”
Yuni: “It’s cold… it’s so cold…”
Utsumi: “Why’s the survivor from that incident here!?”

(The sound of dishes breaking)
(Music stops)

Utsumi: “Wha- What is it this time…?”

(Unknown song plays, ambient, mysterious)

Utsumi: I heard a loud sound coming from the kitchen.
Utsumi: As if shaken by a nightmare, my feet hurried towards it.
Utsumi: And right there… Inubushi Keiko was lying on the ground.
Utsumi: She was just lying there, without making a sound.
Utsumi: Is she dead?
Utsumi: I thought so for a moment…
Utsumi: But her breathing, and her pulse… both seemed normal.

Utsumi: “Personality… ‘E’?”
Utsumi: Personality ‘E’. Nicknamed ‘Empty’, it was her fifth personality.
Utsumi: It was a mystery even amongst the doctors in charge of her diagnosis.
Utsumi: As if the vector of her will had been stripped away, she was an empty personality – perfectly void.
Utsumi: That’s what we know the personality ‘E’ as.

Utsumi: Even now, it was still unknown why that personality would show up.
Utsumi: And just then… as I lost myself in thought, I heard a voice.
Utsumi: It wasn’t Inubushi’s. Neither was it Yukidoh-kun’s, nor was it that boy’s voice…

(Music stops)

Utsumi: It was an unearthly sound…

[Note: The following is said by Inubushi’s voice actress. Her voice has lots of reverb, and every new instance of the sentence is slowed down and made lower-pitched, and they overlap with the previous utterance.]



  • Ameji
  • Ghost in the Steiner


Utsumi’s attitude to the personalities

Utsumi is not violent towards Inubushi’s other personalities. In fact, she is extremely caring towards Baby. She wants to be sure she kills the murderous personality that claimed the life of her child.

One theory states that Utsumi is the one that entered the bathroom before Satoru drowns on the first day. She clearly saw Satoru as a threat to her plan and gave him the sleeping pills to remove him as an obstacle. If she did enter the bathroom at that time, she would have seen Satoru acting like a baby. That would have caused her to drop her guard and leave him alone.

We see this later on when she hugs Satoru after he tears up the living room. She must believe that Satoru has a personality similar to Baby, so she treats him as such.

Inubushi’s DID

Inubushi is able to rapidly switch personalities. In fact, it seems like she’s in control and they all share the same memories. If anything, it looks like her personalities has started to merge. This mirrors the true nature of SELF which is the unification of all personalities.

Personality E (Empty) is particularly interesting. It is an absolute void. It is nothing. That sounds a lot like the zero-dimensional entity, SELF.


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