The Alpha and Omega – R11 EXPLAINED

Up to this point, we’ve discovered that Utsumi’s unborn twins are involved in two sets of exchanges. Alpha, the male twin, is exchanging with Kokoro and Satoru, while Omega, the female twin, is exchanging with Inubushi and Hotori.

Satoru is convinced that someone is out to get him, and it’s natural to think that. He fell off the clock tower, nearly drowned, got stabbed during a blackout, and Enomoto tried to kill him with a knife. So does that mean Enomoto was responsible for all these things?


Let’s start with the attempted drowning. There are two possible outcomes:

  1. If Kokoro doesn’t take the pills, Satoru will drown and die. After the lights go out, she feels the presence of someone entering the bathroom, and Satoru feels somebody holding his head down until he drowns.
  2. If Kokoro takes the sleeping pills, Satoru’s lives. The lights still go off, but she doesn’t feel anyone entering.

Let’s consider if Kokoro does take the pills. Reviewing the surveillance footage shows Inubushi inside the room, crawling around and acting strangely. At this point, Omega is in control. A few minutes later, the personalities of the babies leave and Satoru and Inubushi return to their bodies. Inubushi is startled by this, then runs out of the room. A few minutes later, Satoru exits the bathroom.

We don’t see what’s happening in the bathroom, but since Satoru’s body is drugged, it would likely be sleepy and lean against the bathtub. Since the bathroom is dark and nobody is moving inside the bathroom, Omega is happy to play outside. Eventually, his head would fall into the water and he easily pulls his head out.

But if Kokoro doesn’t take the pills, Satoru finds someone holding down his head in the bathtub. We never get to see anything on the security cameras because the game ends with a game over, but it’s safe to assume that Omega would enter Satoru’s room in both cases. That means the person who drowned Satoru is likely whoever controls Inubushi’s body. Since Satoru’s body isn’t drugged in this scenario, Alpha would have a lot more energy and his movements would attract Omega’s attention in the dark bathroom. They would play around until Omega pushes his head into the water. When Satoru transfers back, Inubushi would continue holding his head down and drown him. That’s the basic idea, anyway. You can think of many ways this could have played out with the same result.

Taking into account what we’ve said, it’s likely that Hotori is the one that turned off the lights to the bathroom. She probably came in to thank Kokoro for calming her down earlier, but panicked thinking that a man’s body was sitting naked in the bathroom.

Source of the sounds

What is the source of the sounds in the room before the lights go out? Kokoro hears it twice, whether or not she took the pills, so she’s not imagining the sounds. Her search found no signs of life and the surveillance camera recorded nothing in there.

We can imagine many sources of the sound. Maybe it was Hotori knocking on the door, or an echo from another room, or the snowstorm. We already know that there are rats in the building, so that’s also a possibility. Or most likely, some snow fell off the roof.

An alternative explanation

Since we don’t know who entered the bathroom and the camera didn’t capture them, there is some room for doubt. Recall that Utsumi gave Satoru the sleeping pills and she was waiting to kill Inubushi. Seeing that Satoru was a potential threat to that plan, she may have wanted to incapacitate him or even kill him.

In this case, the sounds would be Utsumi trying to break into his room by playing with the lock to the bedroom. When Kokoro goes to check, Utsumi hears movement in the room and runs away. When she finally enters the room, she turns off the lights and gets cold feet when she sees Satoru on the ground, either drowsy or acting like a baby. She leaves the room and Inubushi enters the room shortly afterwards.

Whether it was Utsumi or Inubushi at the door, the fact remains that Satoru died because of the baby’s playfulness.


The next mystery is the stabbing in the dark. On the 2nd day, Satoru is stabbed during the blackout,  and the surveillance cameras don’t capture the identity of the assailant because of the power outage. The stabbing happens while Alpha is in control.

Satoru sees a shadowy figure in the darkness immediately after being stabbed. If Satoru fights it, he is killed and the figure kisses Satoru. The narration mentions long hair and a “shadow darker than the night”. This is definitely Inubushi.

If you look closely at the hands holding the knife during that fight, they show that it is Inubushi with a high probability. You can confirm this by looking at the album, which shows 4 sets of hands holding the knife.

Since Inubushi has the knife, that implies Omega is the one that stabbed Alpha. After the transfer, Inubushi found herself holding a knife in the dark. If Satoru decides to fight her she kills him probably in self-defense, not out of malicious intent.

As for why Inubushi’s body was holding the knife in the first place, it’s possible that Hotori was preparing something in the kitchen before the blackout happened, or a knife dropped on the floor during the earthquake.

Enomoto’s death

This duo was also responsible for the death of Enomoto. At some point, Alpha takes the knife from Enomoto and stabs him repeatedly. Omega plays in his blood because she doesn’t know better. When Inubushi returns to her body, she takes the knife from Satoru and teases him. Finally, Hotori takes over while holding a knife and covered in blood.


If Kokoro is entrusted with the rations, she eventually finds the can empty and everyone accuses her of eating it. This happened when Alpha was in control.

Utsumi’s Reactions

One of the interesting things to consider is Utsumi’s relation to the twins. We find Inubushi and Satoru waking up beside each other because Alpha and Omega had gone to bed. But it’s natural for a baby to sleep on the floor. It seems someone guided them to the bed. Perhaps it was Utsumi.

We also see her attitude change towards Alpha’s tantrums. In the beginning, she tranquilized him, but after he tears up the living room she just hugs him. It’s almost like she knew that was her baby. She probably discovered this through the Terabyte Disk, which we’ll discuss in a later post.

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2 thoughts on “The Alpha and Omega – R11 EXPLAINED

  1. In the interview, it was mentioned that the injury on Satoru on Day 2 is due to self-harm and that Kali tended to his wounds, which is why her hands get bloody.
    So I guess Alpha slashed himself, Kali noticed and tried to tend to him while Omega got the knife (this is why Inubushi is holding it later) but Alpha run away before the transfer occurred. Satoru assumed that he was slashed right after the transfer but he just experience pain of an untreated wound since his consciousness was in Kokoro’s unharmed body right before that.


    1. Yup, that sounds right. I’m not sure which interview you’re referring to, but it’s definitely Alpha or Omega who is responsible for the cut.


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