Numbers play a significant role in Remember11, such as the “11” that appears in the title itself. Here we’ll explore their significance.

3 and 11

“Three” is arguably the true arc number in the game. While 11 is “eleven” in the normal decimal counting system, 11 is “three” in binary.

3 appears many times:

  • Transfer points (3)
  • “Trinity” of consciousnesses (3)

As does 11:

  • Starting date (January 11)
  • Starting year (2011)
  • Number of characters in the transfer circles (11 – Kokoro, Satoru, Yuni, Yomogi, Mayuzumi, Hotori, Inubushi/Sayaka, Utsumi, Enomoto, twin fetuses)
  • Yuni’s starting age (11)
  • Number of character’s in the game’s tagline (ワタシを殺す・記憶の迷路 ― The labyrinth of memories that is killing me)
  • Time since Sayaka’s “death” (11 years before 2012)
  • Number of TIPS (110)

And we also see them combined:

  • Time between transfers (33 = 3*11)
  • First four digits of Satoru’s ID (1331 = 11^3)


It appears twice in the story:

  • The number of crash victims (30 “dead”, 1 alive)
  • The number of victims in the hospital killing spree (12 dead, 19 wounded)

31 is the 11th prime number. The value may also represent the “trinity” and the Borromean rings (3 in 1, 1 in 3).

Satoru’s ID

Satoru’s ID number is 1331 2223 9801.

1331 -> 11^3

This is 11 multiplied by itself three times.


This can be broken up as 222-3. This could be interpreted as:

  • Three instances of February 22 (2-22), referring to the fact that Satoru, Sayaka and Kokoro were all born on February 22, 1990.
  • 2-2-2/3, meaning two people at each of the three transfer circles.
9801 -> January 1998

Sayaka killed her parents at an unknown date in 1998, but it may have been January.

Note that the Awazumi Hospital incident happened on January 14, 2009. If the authors wanted another reference to the number “11”, that would imply Sayaka killed her parents on January 14, 1998, exactly 11 years before the hospital incident. This “coincidence” may have reinforced Satoru’s belief about a greater force manipulating events. The death of her parents would also increase the number of people murdered on January 14th from 31 to 33, yet another instance of 33.


One thought on “Numerology

  1. I have been thinking and I think that the initial date (January 11) unconsciously symbolizes the reality of space-time transfers. Only the day (11) makes the player assume that the transfers are between two points, (1+1=2). But knowing part of the TRUTH, it is recognized that since January is the first month, it would really look like this (1+1+1=3), since there are 3 points that participate in the transfers.

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